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Combat spells result in a spell related amount of experience when cast, but also give experience depending on the amount of damage caused to the opponent. You get 2 magic experience points and 1.33 hitpoint experience points per point of damage done. Most combat spells use some Air runes in combination with some other "Combat" runes, though there are exceptions with the special spells such as Magic Dart.

Combat spells will occasionally splash upon contact with a target (they will do no damage). When splashing, the caster will receive only the base experience for that spell and no additional experience. So there is no difference between splashing with a spell and hitting a 0. The splash rate depends on these things:

  • The caster's Magic level
  • The Magic attack bonus of the equipment the caster is wearing
  • The target's Magic and Defense levels
  • The Magic defence bonus of the equipment the target is wearing

Stronger spells can do greater damage but are less accurate than their weaker spell counterparts. To maximise accuracy, especially in training and player killing, players are advised to equip magic boosting equipment, unequip magic lowering equipment, drink Wizard's mind bomb, and raise magic levels.

Some monsters are more vulnerable to certain elemental spells. For an example, ice/water monsters are generally more vulnerable to fire spells.

Spell Level Members Only Runes Required Experience Max Hit
Wind Strike icon Wind Strike 1 No 120px Mind Rune120px Air Rune 5.5 2
Water Strike icon Water Strike 5 No 120px Mind Rune120px Water Rune120px Air Rune 7.5 4
Earth Strike icon Earth Strike 9 No 120px Mind Rune120px Earth Rune120px Air Rune 9.5 6
Fire Strike icon Fire Strike 13 No 120px Mind Rune120px Fire Rune120px Air Rune 11.5 8
Wind Bolt icon Wind Bolt 17 No 120px Chaos Rune120px Air Rune 13.5 9
Water Bolt icon Water Bolt 23 No 120px Chaos Rune120px Water Rune120px Air Rune 16.5 10
Earth Bolt icon Earth Bolt 29 No 120px Chaos Rune220px Earth Rune120px Air Rune 19.5 11
Fire Bolt icon Fire Bolt 35 No 120px Chaos Rune320px Fire Rune120px Air Rune 21.5 12
Crumble Undead icon Crumble Undead 39 No 120px Chaos Rune220px Earth Rune220px Air Rune 24.5 15
Wind Blast icon Wind Blast 41 No 120px Death Rune320px Air Rune 25.5 13
Water Blast icon Water Blast 47 No 120px Death Rune320px Water Rune320px Air Rune 28.5 14
Iban Blast icon Iban Blast 50 Yes 120px Death Rune520px Fire Rune+Iban Staff 30 25
Magic Dart icon Magic Dart 50 Yes 120px Death Rune420px Mind Rune+Slayer Staff 30 15-20
Earth Blast icon Earth Blast 53 No 120px Death Rune420px Earth Rune320px Air Rune 31.5 15
Fire Blast icon Fire Blast 59 No 120px Death Rune520px Fire Rune420px Air Rune 34.5 16
Saradomin Strike icon Saradomin Strike 60 Yes 220px Blood Rune220px Fire Rune420px Air Rune+Saradomin Staff 61 20/30
Claws of Guthix icon Claws of Guthix 60 Yes 220px Blood Rune120px Fire Rune420px Air Rune+Guthix Staff/Void Knight Mace 61 20/30
Flames of Zamorak icon Flames of Zamorak 60 Yes 220px Blood Rune420px Fire Rune120px Air Rune+Zamorak Staff 61 20/30
Wind Wave icon Wind Wave 62 Yes 120px Blood Rune520px Air Rune 36 17
Water Wave icon Water Wave 65 Yes 120px Blood Rune720px Water Rune520px Air Rune 37.5 18
Earth Wave icon Earth Wave 70 Yes 120px Blood Rune720px Earth Rune520px Air Rune 40 19
Fire Wave icon Fire Wave 75 Yes 120px Blood Rune720px Fire Rune520px Air Rune 42.5 20